Earn More Money by Cooking.



Flexible Timings & Days

Save Money

Increase Your Income

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Do What You Love

Instant Money

Receive Money Instantly


Meet New People


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"I am free to work any time any day. Don't have to worry about holidays"


"COOX has helped me earn 3 times more than my restaurant salary"


"Company cares about us and gives daily bookings even in Covid"


download coox partner app
Download COOX Partner App

Install COOX Partner app in your phone, create your profile and start getting bookings near you.

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What to do?

Go to customer's home and cook food.

You DON'T have to wash utensils.

You DON'T have to serve.

When can I accept a Booking?

Take Bookings during your Holidays or Break time.

No need to leave the current job.

How much money? and When?

Money will be specified in the APP

If Customer pays via CASH, then you will receive Instant Cash.

If Customer pays then you will receive the money in your Bank account or Paytm.

Travelling allowance is not given separately.

Where can I get booking details?

APP will contain all the information (Menu, Time, Money, Address).

How will I come and go at night?

Please manage your travel on your own.

Bus, Metro, Auto, OLA Bike, Personal Bike can be taken.

Where will Ingredients come from?

The Customer will get all the Ingredients.

You DON'T have to get it

Where will Appliances come from?

Cook food using the Appliances and utensils present in the customer's kitchen.

Can a Helper go with me?


How to connect with COOX?

Download the COOX Partner App from playstore.

or Register on the COOX website using the button below.