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"I am free to work any time any day. Don't have to worry about holidays"


"COOX has helped me earn 3 times more than my restaurant salary"


"Company cares about us and gives daily bookings even in Covid"


How to Join?

download coox partner app
Download COOX Partner App

Install COOX Partner app in your phone, create your profile and start getting bookings near you.

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What is my role?

You have to go to the customer's location and deliver the service.

Who is the COOX Partner?

All cooks, chefs, bartenders, waiters, kitchen cleaners, servers, vendors, etc. who work with us full-time / part time are referred to as COOX Partners.

When can I accept a Booking?

You can accept bookings as per your availability. You do not need to leave your current job.

Where can I get the booking details?

You can find all the booking details (menu, time, money, address, customer phone number etc.) in the COOX Partner app.

How to register as a partner with COOX?

To register as a partner with COOX, download the COOX Partner App from the Play Store and create your profile.

How much money can I get and when?

You can check the booking amount in the COOX Partner app. If a customer pays in cash, you will get it instantly. If a customer pays online, money will be deposited into your COOX Partner app. You can withdraw your money from the COOX Partner app anytime.

Is there any bonus?

Yes, you will get a bonus if you get a good rating and complete your targets.

How much can I earn?

You can earn upto 40,000 Rupees or 3 times of your restaurant salary.

How will I commute at night?

You are responsible for arranging your own transportation at night. You can choose from options like Shared Auto, OLA Bike, Rapido, etc.

What is your support number?

If you need help, download the COOX Partner app from the Play Store and look for the "Help & Support" option.

How much experience is required?

You need at least 1 year of experience to join COOX Partner.

Who will arrange the ingredients?

The Customer will arrange the Ingredients. You DO NOT have to carry anything.

Will I get the required appliances?

You can use the kitchen appliances and utensils provided by the customer.

Can a Assistant Cook go with me?

Yes, an assistant cook can go with you. Make sure to add him in the booking via the app.

Do we have to pay any money to join the COOX partner?

No, you did not need to pay any money to anyone.

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