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Sticky Rice

Thai Dish

Plate Serves 3
Mins Preparation Time
Mins Cooking Time


Sticky Rice is a veg Thai dish. It is not fried. Sticky rice is a versatile ingredient used in many forms of Asian cooking. In addition to many savory dishes you may be familiar with, like zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) or shumai, sticky rice (also . One serving of Sticky Rice has 0 that serves 3-4 people. It has 213 calories. When it comes to spice, Sticky Rice is Medium. However, No preparation is required to make this dish.


Jasmine Rice (चमेली चावल)
Jasmine Rice (चमेली चावल)

Appliances Required

Pot (भिगोना)
Pot (भिगोना)
Spatula (पलटा)
Spatula (पलटा)

Sticky Rice by our Chefs